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Q: What is the fee for this service?

A: There is no up-front fee to re-sell your tickets, but if and when we do, we take a 20% service fee and pay you out 80% of the final selling price.

Q: How much will my ticket sell for?

A: We keep things simple for you by assessing market demand and pricing your ticket at the best level to maximize your potential profits. Depending on the number of people looking for tickets and the number of days until the event, our software automatically adjusts ticket prices similar to how hotel and airline pricing works. You can always establish your price minimum when you set up your account, so if we can't sell your ticket for at least that amount, we won't. If you just want to sell your ticket cheap with the least amount of risk, click the "blow this ticket out please" button to price your ticket below current market prices.

Q: What happens if I give you a ticket to sell, but I then sell itsomewhere else before you do?

A: You can always cancel your re-sale agreement at any point (no charge) by logging into your account and clicking the cancel button next to your ticket(s). Please note that you must cancel your agreement before you re-sell it to someone else to prevent the chance of double-selling.

Q: Where do you sell my tickets?

A: has a large affiliate network of website that we syndicate our content to, including,, Google, Facebook and many more. These sites earn a % from each ticket sold, and will actively promote your ticket.

For additional questions, log into the client resource center once you've had your account setup by one of our representatives.